Does an apple a day keep the problems away? Is one apple enough? The old saying may deceive us, as an apple alone is not enough.
So, how do we solve our daily problems? It's simple (so to speak). Just make a small shift: Turn problems into challenges and opportunities.
Believe in ourselves and build a network of collaborators (we know it's not easy) ready to share our everyday adventures, with a positive outlook towards the future, with a new commitment to take on a responsible and guiding role.
According to some scientists, the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, as its small wings wouldn't be able to support the weight of its body.
But the bumblebee flies, unaware of this and flies anyway. It doesn't matter how high you fly, the important thing is to fly.
Together, it's possible! Let's meditate and enjoy an apple a day. We are ready to collaborate with You in this wonderful adventure.
Giancarlo Ripesi

ERREBI Grafiche Ripesi:

Graphic Art of Excellence since 1962

Founded in 1962 by Giancarlo Ripesi in Falconara Marittima, ERREBI Grafiche Ripesi has become a well-established benchmark in the world of graphic arts. As time passed, the printing company has evolved, with Giancarlo's four daughters: Sara, Silvia, Serena, Simona, providing essential support and joining their father, contributing to the cohesive progress of the business he established. This legacy of dedication is reflected in the exceptional quality of our finished products. Our true strength lies in our ability to offer personalized solutions for each customer, tailoring every project to meet specific needs. We are proud to be reliable partners in achieving your graphic goals, blending over 60 years of experience with a continuously cutting-edge approach.

Sara Ripesi


Silvia Ripesi

Commercial Director

Serena Ripesi

Logistics Manager

Simona Ripesi

Office Manager

Excellence Driven by the Heart of a United Team

The highly qualified team at ERREBI Grafiche Ripesi is ready to advise you on all the customized solutions for your needs. Thanks to the cohesion and close collaboration of our team, we have achieved a high standard level recognized both nationally and internationally. We offer our clients graphic quality, technical reliability, and the use of state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring constant control at every production step. Our commitment goes beyond printing: we cover a wide range of services, from editorial services to distribution and mailing operations. This allows us to add further value through a series of ancillary services that enable our clients to optimize their time and successfully complete the offset and digital production cycle.

Roberto Pistola

Production Manager





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